Povel Durev: plans, partnerships, progress

Povel Durev: plans, partnerships, progress


Povel Durev is a memecoin on the TON network dedicated to memes about Telegram creator Pavel Durov.

Description from website:

«Povel Durev is the greatest entrepreneur of all time in the whole world, and maybe not only in this world. He is the director of Telegrums, a company that transmits messages by air using electricity. He is the president of TON, an Internet money company. His job is to make billions of TONS. Our job is to make billions of tons of memes».

Right now Povel Durev is a project with a very active social media community and an impressive community of token holders and NFT holders. The capitalization of $Durev is more than $7 million, the average daily volume reaches $1,000,000.

Durev token is traded on DEX DeDust/Stonfi and on СEX MEXC, Coinstore, Exmo, CoinEx.

There are several events planned for the future — more CEX, trading contests. VPN, a new collection of NFT, launchpad and collaboration with tap games are also being prepared.

The project developers are interested in partnerships with large projects — they can hold joint contests on Twitter and Telegram, organize mutual airdrops of tokens for cryptocurrency holders, and discuss other ways of interaction for the upward development of projects.

All of this should benefit communities and the TON network.

NFT collection