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Описание события

Pandora Boxchain is delighted to announce its very first meetup in Berlin, Germany!

We’ll get together with our international friends and guests at 7pm on Tuesday, July 31st.

This time we have prepared two presentations followed by Q&A session with creators of and co-founders of Pandora Boxchain Project.


Andrey Sobol

Andrey Sobol is a co-founder of Pandora Boxchain, CTO of Satoshi Fund, consensus protocol researcher and author of Hyperion consensus protocol. Andrey is an experienced software developer, focused on distributed technologies, artificial intelligence and cryptography. He also holds expertise in Game Theory, Austrian Theory on Business Cycle, Decentralization Law.

Julian Konchunas

Julian Konchunas is Rust and C++ developer with vast experience in game and UI development. He specializes in distributed systems and implemens Rustheus protocol based on Bitcoin client. Previously worked in Gameloft and Ubisoft. Used to develop videoconferencing software at TrueConf. During his presentation Julian will speak about technical analysis of how segregated witness is implemented in Bitcoin and how to avoid transaction malleability when creating UTXO blockchain from scratch.


19:00 — 19:30 — Networking session (free snacks and drinks)

19:30 — 20:00 — Andrey Sobol: Tradeoffs on PoS consensus protocols

20:00 — 20:30 — Julian Konchunas: Witness, merkle tree, script

20:30 — 21:00 — Q&A session


Date: Tuesday, July 31st

Time: 19:00 — 21:00

Location: To Be Announced


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(вторник) 19:00 - 21:00